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It's Manga Artist Extraordinare Ippongi Bang--Manga Empress of All the Asias!!

You've probably seen me somewhere, in Toei Video Cinema, on the big screen, TV, radio, motorcycles, costumeplay, my diary manga, my boy's manga, or maybe it was in an adult video? I'm sure it was somewhere, but hey, whether you know me or not, as one pal (one GAINAX pal? ) to another, here's to getting to know you!! After all, I'm the lonely type, so I'm always looking for friends!

I went to Hong Kong and Thailand over New Year's. In February, I went to Seattle (my hometown), LA (one of my dad's friends there is an action director on Power Rangers), Miami, Quito, the Galapagos (which is where I've wanted to go ever since I was a little girl), La Paz and Santa Cruz. April saw me in Hong Kong again.

That was my honeymoon: crisscrossing North and South America a year after my wedding (though naturally I was also doing story research). The rest of my travels, though, were all strictly research work, and I had a blast!!

I'm doing some guidebook research in Taiwan (fairly long) during June and July, and then I'll be back in the States, specifically Virginia, come August. I've been invited to be a guest at a manga/anime convention--and its name is OTAKON(!!).

I know it looks like I'm awfully busy, but the two magazines I had serializations in both went belly-up in April, and I'm still recovering from the shock! I'm running around frantically shouting things like " Unemployment?! Eeeeek!!!! Somebody send me some work!!"

Well anyway, I'll be following up with additional reports.

Oh yeah, send me your messages, questions, opinions (about my CD-ROM or my manga!!)

It'd be cool if we could get a Reader's Page or something like it going around here...


Yours, Ippongi Bang

Profile: Ippongi Bang

D.O.B.: Jan. 4, 1965
Blood Type: Yokohama A
Education: Den-En Chofu Hikiba High School, Tamagawa University Dept. of Agriculture
Occupation: Multi-Manga Artist-Entertainer
I've done manga in boy's magazines, motorcycle magazines,
and young-adult magazines.
Many of my works have been translated into English and released in the States.
Current Interests: Volunteer work in Bolivia.
Beloved Husband:
Yabunaka Hiroaki
(Muay Thai practitioner, musician,
disc jockey, and Bang's partner)

Representative Works of Ippongi Bang

"The Hero Kojiro 2" Vols. 1-3 (Ennix Manga)
"All Around Ippongi Bang" (Movic Photo Collection and Videocassette)
"Hong Kong Video Castle" Vols. 1-3 (Shogakukan; Planning, Production and Publishing by Yuuki Hiroshi and Co.)
" Uratsuki Doji" 1-4 (Super Kitabe Adult Videos, Directed by and Starring Nakano Takao)
"Manga Empress of All the Asias: The Dynamic Ippongi Bang CD-ROM"
(GAINAX Art Collection/Cosplay Photo CD-ROM)

The Hinterlands of BangLand
OK, come on, step right up! It's your very own readers' page!!
And I, Bang, will be answering your messages! I've got a good 25 years' experience as a letter writer, and ten years' experience as a lettercol editor!!

I don't know if there're any lettercols like this around here already, but in talks with the editor in charge of this section, I figured, let's go for it and see what happens. (Still...I get the feeling it ain't gonna be easy...Mama Kamimura, I'm sorry.) The way it'll work is: once you get a message posted here, you'll get an ID number, and we'll keep track of how many messages get posted from each ID. The high scorers will have their rankings on the page, and may even get a really terrific prize from me (No, really, I mean it!)(^o^)
Now here's a helpful hint or two on getting your messages posted:

You get the picture. For now, messages received by the end of a given month will be posted in either the next month's edition, or the month after that!!

----This'll be mail to set the old town on fire!
All of us here are eagerly waiting to see what you'll send us!! Let's do it!!

Bang's Travelogue
I went on my honeymoon!! A year late, that is (due to money and time constraints), but I did enough traveling to make my head spin. I saw my hometown, made a wild otaku-style pilgrimage, and visited some places people hardly ever go to--it was quite a month!!
We'll start with "My Husband's Viewpoint", basically warming things up with his take on the trip. You'll love it!!
Ho ho ho!
By the way, feel free to send questions or comments about my trip to my public-access mailbox, "The Hinterlands of BangLand"!! I'll check it personally!
And with that, on with the show!!



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